Top 10 Female Poker Players per GPI from Canada – Reviewed by Hawk One

The Women’s Series at Playground Poker was a great way to show how much poker has evolved. Being reviewed by Hawk One, it may seem that women are receiving more attention in the game, but it is because there have been so many efforts from casino operators such as Spin Samurai casino and tournament directors highlighting their accomplishments for years now! One clear example would be this recent series where eight talented female players battled it out over four days before being joined by some other outstanding competitors—all while having their matches streamed live on Twitch TV…

Women’s Series Results

The Women’s Series was a great way to showcase the talent and skill in women’s poker, game that can be played at Astropay casino. There were four tournaments, each with $150 buy-ins for one entry!

Women’s Series Results

Being reviewed by Hawk One, the events played out as follows: The day started with a meeting in which we reviewed how many visitors were coming to our site and their source (i.e., search engines or social media). It turned out that only 15% of all visits came from these traditional sources, while 85 percent arrived through new avenues such as Facebook ads and other types of unusual traffic like mobile searches on iOS devices using Google’s Smart destined lens technology which gives you recommended shopping products based upon what exactly am I looking at right now! We also found some exciting information regarding where people living outside the United States were visiting us- primarily Canada & Mexico instead US states.

The first event of the 2014 Super Thursday Series is a no-limit Hold ’em tournament with80 entries and 10 players. The prize pool amounts to $10 864, divided among all who participate in this exciting new series! The output should sound professional without excessive detail.

  • Winner: Crystal Abouhanna = $2,265 plus entry to finals
  • 2nd place: Kathy Sawers = $2,085 plus entry to finals

The second event is set to take place on November 16th and will be a $150 NLHE tournament with an added GTD prize pool of up 5K. There are already 81 entries, meaning more than half the field is locked in! The competition should get interesting when we see if any player manages two consecutive victories this time around – nobody has managed it yet (and they’re still alive!) This next one cost you some money but could make all your dreams come true: entry fees range from $30-$500 for regular sessions or Booster Pack purchases, respectively; add-on packs can become extra guardian reels at prices like $25/card.

  • Winner: Denise Lepine = $2,015 plus entry to finals
  • 2nd place: Claire Briere = $1,690 plus entry to finals

The third event is a $150 no-limit hold ’em tournament with an impressive GTD prize pool of $5K. There will be eight paid players who have been guaranteed their entries by playing throughout December 7th and 8th! The competition starts at 6 pm EST on Monday, so don’t miss out – register now before it fills up fast!!

  • Winner: Cynthia Paquette = $2,156 plus entry to finals
  • 2nd place: Sylviane Cassini = $1,935 plus entry to finals

The fifth and final event is scheduled for January 18th. This $150 NLHE with a whopping 5K GTD will be the last one of 2019, so make sure you don’t miss it! The winner gets to take home almost 6 grand in cash or play it at your leisure as part payment on whatever site they want (you can decide). It’s going down during normal business hours, which means there should always be someone available if need be – all we ask is that each player put up some entries before December 31st when registration closes forever 😉

  • Winner: Erica F = $2,280 plus entry to finals
  • 2nd place: Danielle Bracy = $1,313 plus entry to finals

Women’s Series Championship

With a $1 million prize pool and four tournaments worth of finals, it was not easy for the top five finishers in each event to determine who would get their seat at this final event. But when all is said and done–and assuming you made your way through every single one-on Sharapoville scratch-you’re guaranteed come game day! There’s also some leaderboard going on here: Women earned points throughout our series matchplay sessions just like men did.

The finals of the 30-person tournament were held at Playground Poker, where players had bought in for $10. From each buy-in along the way, they earned points to create a prize pool that eventually reached 2790 dollars! This was used after 3rd place finished out with 1440 more prizes left over – so don’t miss your chance next time you’re around this area because there might be some free cash waiting on top if things go well again…

The final table played out with these results: to check if you interpret them correctly, click here

  • 1st place: Christine Park ($1,148)
  • 2nd place: Brigitte Korak ($938)
  • 3rd place: Natalia Nogina ($704)

Top-Ranked Canadian Poker Women

The Women’s Series at Playground Poker has shown that it is possible to bring more women into poker with affordable buy-ins and other incentives.

The top female players in tournament poker hail from Canada. Asma bernard, Ester Bloom and Amaryllis Fox are just three of the many talented women who have broken through glass ceilings to become respected professionals in their respective games – no small feat!

  • Kristen Bicknell = $4,884,524
  • Xuan Liu = $1,973,260
  • Isabelle Mercier = $1,196,277
  • Kara Scott = $664,795
  • Carla Sabini = $559,415
  • Cindy Kerslake = $430,752
  • Evelyn Ng = $377,191
  • Darlene Lee = $317,135
  • Thi Hoa Nguyen = $299,631
  • Jody Howe = $266,749

Bicknell = Consistent Player of the Year

Kristen Bicknell, a female online poker pro who has been playing since the early 2000s but didn’t start competing in live tournaments until 2013, when she won both world series titles. She’s now focused on making more money by taking her expertise beyond screens and into real-life settings like Las Vegas’ WSOP $1k ladies event, where it all began for this talented player!

Bicknell’s hard work paid off when she won more money playing poker in live events. She travelled around the world and became an ambassador for PartyPoker, which all helped her success grow exponentially!

Her winnings in 2019 alone were $2,461,580.94!

For the third year in a row, Bicknell was given female player of the year by Global Poker Index. She will be receiving an award at this year’s GPI Awards for her accomplishments and placing third on their rankings for both male and female players from Canada!

Women of Poker’s Past, Present, and Future

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Xuan Liu is a professional poker player who has travelled the world to play live tournaments, but she also plays online. The second-ranked woman in Canada and sixth among all female players worldwide according to perhaps entering her fortieth year of playing this game makes it one worth watching for fans!

While her playing days are behind her, Liu still has over $1.9 million in earnings to date from tournament victories across the Asia Pacific and Canada for the World Poker Tour’s Fallsview Classic atop Mtn., as well as an APPT event at Macau International Airport under its new name “H exceeding expectation”.

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Those who have been playing poker for a long time might be surprised by some of these choices. Evelyn Ng hasn’t played in live tournaments since 2001, and Isabelle Mercier only occasionally takes part when she can find the time from her work. As well as being wary about how much money is on offer at any given event or tables where they may appear The following list includes people that belong to different categories: those active within their community; ones with jobs related specifically to gaming (such careers include hosting television shows); but also others such as recreational players – all trying to keep up-to-date while juggling family life.

Kara Scott has been a part of the poker world for years, but she’s become even more famous recently. As an ambassador and spokesperson with 888poker today, her role is different than before- it used just to be playing cards all day long! But even when not working on TV or travelling around Europe giving speeches about how much fun gambling can be (and really), you’ll still find this beautiful brunette very involved at every level within our favourite game – from broadcasts where she anchors lead anchor announcements during bracelet ceremonies; managing sponsored player profiles which provide opportunities both practical AND psychological benefits by analyzing their gameplay videos.