If you’re a resident of Canada and want to get your hands on some great bonuses, then Astropay is the perfect payment option. With this service, different types of match deposit bonuses can range anywhere from 100% up to 500 Canadian dollars!

General information about Astropay

Best Bonuses for Astropay casino users

Astropay is an online payment system that makes it easy to use a prepaid card without hidden fees or prescriptions. Once you sign up, all your needs are taken care of.

Details about Astropay payment system

Astropay is a straightforward and simple-to-use card. It’s similar to other prepaid Visa card or Debit options but comes at different values of $15-$1K! The cards cannot be reloaded, so you have one choice if that suits your needs better than another denomination – choose how many individual ones will go into each aggregate value pack before making any purchases online (or anywhere else).

The system is only set up to purchase cards in specific denominations. So you must ensure that if your withdrawal method isn’t an Astropay card, then there are other ways for getting out of the casino without spending money!

Fees and Commissions

Astropay is a free payment system to sign up for and maintain an account. You can purchase cards in various amounts ranging from $15-$1,000, with validity lasting one year after purchase – at which point they expire. The registration process takes less than 5 minutes!

The Astropay Card is a great way to spend money at any of the casinos on this list. There are no transaction fees, and you’ll never have trouble getting cash out because they don’t add anything extra, like an expense fee or withdrawal tax (which could take away from what’s left). This means that if there was ever going to be less than expected after adding these costs into deposits, good news! It still covers everything, so keep playing until something else happens.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

Astropay is a quick, easy way to deposit money into your favourite casino. After you register for an Astropay account, purchase a card from the list on their website or in stores like 7-11 near me (it’s also accepted at many other places). Astro pay or alternative since you get 10% cash back when using this payment option! When logging ins, choose “Deposit” as well make sure that under selections ‘I have another unless there already selected.

If you want to withdraw funds from a casino, it’s not possible with Astropay. The card isn’t reloadable so withdrawing money in this way is out of the question, and if someone makes a deposit using these cards, they should make sure that there are other options available for them when deciding how much they’ll take home at once!

AstroPay Payment Guide: How to Deposit

To deposit money in an online casino, you need a few things. You’ll want to ensure that your Astropay account has enough free minutes for the transaction, and it’s best if all of these steps can happen quickly too! AstroPay – This is our POS machine at home because there are no contracts or agreements formalized between us yet; Online Casinos- Just wondering why people play here? Why don’t they go somewhere else where everything works better?

You can access a casino account through your phone or computer. You will need to set up an online presence for people who don’t know yet to see what games you’re willing to play when they message/call.

To open a bank account, you need the menu and select “Banking.”

Next, you need to edit or check the data reliability. All billing information is up-to-date for this step of your online ordering process to go smoothly, so click “Yes” when prompted with ‘Are You Sure?’

Replace the information you want to add, save it and then send an email with all your changes.

Next, go back to the banking window and choose AstroPay.

Congratulations! You have just won £30 in the casino. There are many different types of gambling games available, but scratch cards with numbers on them seem most common among players around Europe and Australia alike – especially if they’re lucky enough to get one with an expensive jackpot attached.

Astropay Withdrawal Process

Clicking on ‘Withdraw’ in the drop-down menu will open up a banking window.

Step 2 – choose the most convenient payment option for you.

You have successfully withdrawn funds from your account. Thank you for using this service!

Support Work Quality

In a world with so many problems, it is refreshing to know that there are businesses that take the time and effort to make their customers happy. Businesses such as these create an environment for growth because they understand how important customer service can be in solving issues faced by each person on staff or visiting your site online!

Astropay has a button at the bottom of their website that says ‘Contact Us. Clicking this takes you to an easy-to-use form where your issue can be resolved with one simple click! The best part? They offer 24/7 support and will get back to you within hours – not days or weeks like other companies do when they fail miserably in fulfilling promises made on handling customer inquiries properly.

Mobile Version and Application

The app is available on all major devices, including the Apple App Store and Google Play. This accessibility makes it easy to buy cards remotely while travelling or buying items at local stores with cash!


Astropay is a great way to deposit funds into your online casino. It’s instant and straightforward, with the registration process completed within minutes! The only drawback is that? You can only buy in specific denominations, so think about how much money you’ll want/need before making any purchases… AstroPay provides an easy solution for transferring cash directly from one’s bank account or credit card onto Astra Games’ gaming platform — which means that there are no extra fees associated when using this service—and offers several different payment options: Bank transfer (FREE); Payeer USD & EURO currencies folded transactions available soon after signup.

If you’re looking for a simple and instant way to deposit money into your online casino, Astropay might be the perfect payment method. The added security of not needing bank information will make it more appealing than other options!

More Astropay casinos to choose

Astropay is a virtual prepaid card that many online casinos allow players to use for funding their accounts. It’s an easy, secure payment method with one major drawback – you can only withdraw funds from Astropay at these sites; it will not work anywhere else! The good news? No fees are associated with using this service (although some gambling websites might charge processing costs).